Monday, November 19, 2012

Victoria Secret's speedy PR

As a current Public Relations student, I'm beginning to catch myself take note of certain headlines in the news where issues arise and PR consultants are to take immediate action and prevail to save the day.
I'm taught about examples of good PR and bad PR, such as the Maple Leaf Foods crisis in comparison  to the BP oil spill incident.
Just this past week I saw a clip in the news about a culturally offensive Victoria's Secret fashion show that caused an upset, and just how quickly Victoria's Secret responded.
In a recently staged fashion show, one model strutted the catwalk in a Native American head dress and skimpy bikini. It wasn't long before a Navajo Nation spokesman reacted, explaining the upset of such an act. Victoria's Secret was quick to react, stating an apology and assuring that the segment would be edited from the Dec. 4 broadcast of the show.
Kudos to Victoria's Secret for apologizing and reacting as quickly as they did, but apparently these offensive stunts tend to be reoccurring in the fashion industry. So perhaps a step further is appropriate, and all racist and culturally offensive outfits should be eliminated from any future shows fashion lines.

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