Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Remembering Remembrance Day

Scrolling through the headlines today, a number of similar themed articles are catching my eye - one reads "War medals stolen over Remembrance Day weekend", another "Poppy boxes stolen," and lastly "War memorial vandalized."
The three events are completely seperate occurances, but all disgusting, disgraceful and ignorant. It surprises me that people would do such selfish and immoral acts, while disrespecting and hurting the very people who fought for our country.
I recently just got back from a weekend away in Ottawa where I attended my first Remembrance Day ceremony in our nation's capital. It was lovely ceremony, filled with many opportunities for reflection and appreciation for the many veterans who marched in front of me and who stood beside me. It was a great, yet sombre experience, to see such an emotional ceremony from that perspective.
If only others could be more appreciative and considerate of the numbered men and women who've served and sacrificed.

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