Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Random acts of kindness

They are sometimes few and far between, but random acts of kindness, especially from a complete stranger, are life's special gems.
In an article I read earlier today in The Paris Star, an elderly woman submitted a letter to the editor about a bouquet of roses she'd been admiring over the weekend. Strolling through downtown Paris, she stopped to peak at the beautifully bunched flowers out front a store, but carried on walking as they were out of her budget. Moments later, a man tracked her down, presenting her with the bouquet, saying "I saw you admiring these roses - here they are - for you."
I can recall a similar occurrence when I was downtown Paris making a donation to a local charity and was short a few dollars for a raffle ticket. A gentleman walking by thoughtfully contributed for my lack of change, smiled and continued on his way.
It's these rare, special moments of kind and generous gestures that make a smile last an entire day.

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