Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Searching for our own identity

Canada is a country with rich, and young roots. We are constantly reminded of our British heritage from our neighbors across the pond.
It hasn't even been a full 48 hours and already "the Royal Conception" has invaded my Facebook timeline, my Twitter feed and I can only assume the front page of every newspaper across the country this morning. It's understandable that the news be presented to the public, as the child will one day rule Britain, but the fact that it seems to be force fed to the point where it's pushing local news as well as the important happenings from our own nation to the back pages of the paper doesn't sit well.
Canada has it's own issues to deal with right now. Ontario is without a premiere, Toronto's mayor was just ousted, and there's an NHL lockout sitting heavily on the shoulders of many canadians. It just seems silly that we are so drawn to the fact that Kate Middleton has in fact conceived and experiences morning sickness just like all the other pregnant women in the world.
One can only imagine that over the next nine months, the coverage will be endless, about nine books will be written and there will be a website dedicated to guessing the name of the future king or queen. I just can't wait!

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